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13 Jul 2017

The Key To Cool Lighting


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Posted By Ellis C.

Lighting is one of the most underestimated areas of home design. Home owners considering upgrades to their lighting design should consider these areas.

For most people, there is no such thing as too much light in the kitchen. Dreams of large kitchen windows with daylight flooding in are often only dreams. Most kitchens have smaller windows over the kitchen sink rendering them virtually meaningless when it comes to developing a kitchen lighting scheme. When installing kitchen lights, consider where the main prep areas are and flood them with lights. Overhead lights may not be sufficient and accent lighting may be required.

Most informal dining spaces, such as in a kitchen demand as much light as prep areas do. However, dimmer switches may be ideal for homes with a single eating space. This allows you to see the curry your children have spilled or set the lights low for an intimate dinner party after the kids have gone to bed.

Many people feel just as much light is needed in a bathroom, as no one likes to cut themselves shaving, nor poorly apply make-up in the morning. Bathroom lighting demands spotlight attention over the mirror for this reason; however the light needs to be large. Lighting should mimic natural light as much as possible in order to accurately see what others see.

Home owners with inviting bathtubs should consider bathroom lights with a dimmer so the simple luxury of a long soak does not go to waste. Consider installing a small fixture over this area with its own switch plate to make it easy to switch from relaxing to grooming.

Outdoor areas demand more attention than is usually given to them. Outdoor lights are not just for highlighting special areas of the garden or the light over the door. Garden lights perform essential safety and security functions. They also extend the living area of any home. Dwellings set away from the road will want lighting along the front path so people can find their way to the door without tripping over garden fixtures.

Security lights are a wise decision for home owners not able to invest in a home security system. Motion sensor triggered lights are an excellent way to deter opportunist crime. Home owners with a veranda or outside entertainment area should consider investing in lighting which can remain on or switch to motion triggers. This will light the area when it is needed for outdoor gatherings and illuminate the back garden in the event someone passes towards the back door.

When considering an update to lighting, consider the main areas where lighting is important, such as the kitchen, bathroom and garden. Within each space, focus first on the area of activity and safety. After that, consider the light needed in the entire area before adding accent lighting. You'll see better in no time.


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